Consenus from pro and con voters SF arena traffic main concern

by Ken Gimblin

SAN FRANCISCO–Even voters in San Francisco who are pulling for a new San Francisco downtown arena admit that traffic and not views or environmental issues will be the main issue of debate. San Francisco officials which includes the planning commission have come up with an idea to ease traffic and that’s to construct a light rail line that will run from McCovey Cove from AT&T Park to the Warriors new arena at piers 30-32 which would include  $1 billion new condos and hotel, and that is expected to help cover the traffic flow when both teams play on the same nights or if their are events being held at the same time.

While discussion had been focused on no development at the San Francisco waterfront and demonstrated in the October election when voters voted down propositions B and C that would start condo development at the piers 30-32 location. Even with a new transit lane that would run from the Giants park to the Warriors new arena and the traffic issue question resolved the waterfront neighborhood still opposes the Warriors building a new arena that could block the view of the bridge and the bay.

 Former San Francisco City Attorney Louise Renne stated that she and San Francisco voters during the prop B and C election were against the development at that location. San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos said the Warriors and condo developers are not in it for basketball or entertainment but this is merely a land grab for pure profit.

The Sierra Club is one of the strong environmental non-profits who are demonstrating environmental issues with developing on the piers from not only the aesthetics but also animals and their protection to arguing the pier is fine just the way it is. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors or most of them are trying to make way for this development as this would surely be a profitable situation for the City.

Board of Supervisor Scott Weiner says the Muni improvements would cost $2.2 billion more than the new arena-condo project, “before there wasn’t nearly enough focus on transit impacts and transit needs, my sense that is shifting there’s a renewed focus. As negotiations move forward, it’s very important to have in mind the full transit impacts of the project to make sure those are being accounted for.” said Weiner

Ken Gimblin is covering the NBA arena projects for the Warriors and Kings for Sportstalk Radio

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