Hurdle and Francona named top skippers of the year

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary

Clint Hurdle the Pittsburgh Pirates manager was named National League manager of the year and Cleveland’s Terry Francona was named American League manager of the year on Tuesday. The vote to elect the two managers was taken by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Hurdle won 25 of the 30 first place votes beating out the Dodgers manager Don Mattingly and Fredi Gonzalez of the Atlanta Braves.

Francona edged the Red Sox John Farrell by 16 points, Francona had 16 first place votes and ten second place votes. Francona who led Cleveland to their first post season since 2007 gets much of the credit for turning around a Cleveland franchise that was trying to find their way and playing in front of some small crowds at Jacobs Field prior to Francona’s arrival.  Farell piloted the Sox to a World Series Championship this season.

If the S.F. waterfront fails the Warriors can move next to AT&T Park: I can only go by the history of San Francisco and the city is a very tough town to build anything. The best example and were talking sports here to ask the San Francisco Giants how long it took the Giants to get an approved stadium to build a park in the City it took over a decade and three elections.

The Warriors are going to realize this is not Orange County or Santa Clara County, this is not an area where you can build a new stadium just about everywhere you wish if you have the money. San Francisco is a very environmentally minded city, the Environmental Protection Agency is going to come out with some studies about those piers there.

There might be some fish there that might be on the endangered species list whose been around for thousands of years. The people of the Bay Area belong to some very special cities and with all respect to the Warriors with the new ownership and the new management I don’t think they realize that. Warrior owners Joe Lacob is from the east coast and Peter Gruber is from Hollywood and is a big movie mogul.

The Angels were thinking of building a park in downtown L.A. and you know what that’s legal they can do it the Dodgers don’t have territorial rights in Los Angeles that’s why the Angels are called the Los Angeles Angels, the Dodgers wouldn’t fight that. The Southland is different and the Golden State Warriors are up for a rude awaking here.

The Warriors are really going to have to tweak this plan in many phases before the voters, EPA and other environmental groups before the voters of the city say “okay build your arena.” You can still have it but it’s not as easy as they thought it was going to be.

With ex San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos leading the charge against a water front arena it could be a big battle and look I’ll give you a comparison I just came back from a week in Hawaii, it’s a beautiful place, the water is clean, it’s just great the Islands are beautiful. San Francisco’s number one industry is not the Giants, it’s tourism.

If you build a big monstrosity on piers 30-32 where it would be an eye sore for the people who come to the city that is no good if I’m the San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee I would seriously have to think this one over, but I knew former San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein years ago and I talked to her and I gave her an award for doing the Juan Marichal day and I’m sure if Feinstein were still mayor she would say, “San Francisco is a special city and you can’t appeal something just because you have $144 million.”

Let’s set the record straight right here, it’s not going to happen and let’s go back to the city any big structure could be an eyesore to the shoreline to the bay and the Warriors are thinking very hard about this and they better have some good attorneys ready because this could be a real long fight.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the former Spanish radio and TV voice for Warriors and Clippers basketball and does News and Commentary each week for Sportstalk Radio

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