Michelle Richardson on the NCAA

by Michelle Richardson

Stanford 31 vs. Washington 28:
Huskies head coach Steve Sarkisian says that the Stanford Cardinal Saturday stalled time with questionable injuries last Saturday in the Cardinal three point win. Sarkisian needs to be quiet because I’m sure he’s done that play before too. It’s a commonly used tactic in the pros and in college. So Sarkisian really needs to let it go and as far as pay back is concerned, well maybe you need to pay back for anytime you did it.

Some coaches are so arrogant or critical about what other coaches do it’s like Alabama going in there saying they can beat Florida and everybody has a little grim sitting on them. So as far as Sarkisian the message to him is win with a little class, lose with grace and go on and just play the game. That game was not lost in the last second it was lost probably somewhere in the third quarter in the middle of the game and quit pointing the finger.

Notre Dame 37 Arizona State 34: It’s unfortunate for Notre Dame that they lost linebacker Garrett Grace for the season due to a broken leg but Notre Dame is one of those schools that that they’ve got some kid whose been sitting back there waiting for a chance and now he’s got it. I’m not really feeling sorry for Notre Dame. Schools like that retool every year and there might be some red shirt waiting for his turn.

Notre Dame will be okay as will Arizona State it’s unfortunate they did lose but its not as bad as losing in November. They’ll be back they still have to play UCLA. They still have a lot of games they have to play but I still expect Notre Dame to be in the hunt for a Pac 12 title. Even though it was a bad loss at least it’s early October and not mid November.

Alabama 45 Georgia St 3: There is nothing impressive about that win for the Crimson Tide and there was nothing impressive about the win Oregon had over Colorado neither game should have been televised but I will say this I’m proud of Georgia State it’s a program that’s always been around for less than five years so the fact that the got three points on a number one ranked national champion good for you hope you earned your program and I hope you find continued success.

This is nothing to be impressed about it’s not a “oooh wee look what happened” I hope the young men at Georgia State got a little experience at what it’s like to play big time division one and to take that memory with them as they move on in their career. Other than that I could careless it was a waste of time of a game and you just have to be a really hard core Crimson Tide fan to even have watched that game.To me that’s a game you give those tickets to somebody who’s not a big football fan that said they went to an Alabama game.

Michelle Richardson does commentary on the NCAA each week

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