It all boils down to game five Thursday in Oaktown

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary

DETROIT–The A’s have been hitting home runs and this year the A’s finished third in home runs in the American League only the Orioles and the Mariners hit more home runs and the A’s have hit 186 home runs and they’ve hit 103 on the road which is number one in Major League Baseball. So although the A’s look like a team with no power and people with little names compared to the Tigers Miguel Cabrera, Tori Hunter, or Max Scherzer in a roster that looks like an All-Star team.

If you think about the Detroit Tigers you would think there is no match there but the A’s hit the home runs when they count and they also have a great pitching staff and that’s the reason why they won two out of the first four and right now they only have to win one more game in game five of the playoffs on Thursday at the Coliseum to advance. The A’s have been playing very good ball.

The A’s have a great playoff record of getting on base with eight straight games that runs from 2012 to this current series. For the Tigers everything is looking great in the win over the A’s in game four, Fister had his curve ball and a good fast ball and Fister is a right hander at 6’6. Fister is from Merced Calif he’s a very good pitcher and of course Straily was another young guy who has four pitches in what turned out to be a very great game on Tuesday night in Detroit.

It wound up to be a hitters battle later with leads trading back and forth. The A’s had a one run lead and then the Tigers took a two run lead into the ninth inning and the pressure was on with Tigers reliever Joaquin Benoit who put it away striking out the last A’s hitter to close it out for a 8-6 win at Comerica Park. The Tigers Miguel Cabrera the Venezuelan Wonder third baseman won his third consecutive he’s one of the best hitters of all time and in this era it’s hard to find somebody else like that.

Cabrera had been playing with a bad abdomen but it had to feel a lot better after the win on Tuesday night and he also is nursing a groin injury. Cabrera is not 100 percent but more like at 80 percent and is still a great hitter and it turned out to be a great game with the Tigers getting the win by two runs in a game that went back and forth. The A’s didn’t want to have to go back to the Coliseum for obvious reasons but now it’s off to game five on Thursday night.

Just a word on Dusty’s firing last week: It’s unfortunate that former Reds manager Dusty Baker got fired and they gave him an alternative to resign or they would let him go. So whatever it was he’s not there anymore he’s not employed and this is what happens with managers and Dusty’s a good manager he’s got numbers someday to be in the Hall of Fame however Dusty has never won a World Series and never won those big games.

It’s hard to get that label that he’s not a big game manager and in the month of September the Reds lost ten straight, then won seven in a row, and then lost their last six games in a row. Dusty has one of the best hitting teams in baseball with Joey Votto who hit .305 with 24 homers and 74 RBIs for the 2013 season and Dusty couldn’t pull through. In a situation like this there is nothing a manager could do.

Dusty was a .300 hitter and don’t forget he was a very good outfielder and I remember when he played but if the team doesn’t perform and their flat and after six years in Cincinnati it was good that the Reds parted ways with Dusty and he’ll get another job eventually. Their are some jobs in the Majors that are going to be open and the one in Chicago that was vacated in by Dale Sveum but there is no way Dusty is going to get hired by the Cubs this time and he may not want to go back anyway.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez does Oakland A’s baseball for Spanish radio, the MLB Network and does News and Commentary each week for Sportstalk radio

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