Pryor could miss more games with Raiders

by David Zizmor

ALAMEDA–The Raiders this week have said that starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor was out with a concussion and he will not start in this game against Washington and back up Matt Flynn will take the reigns and he’s going to be the starter versus Washington this Sunday at the Coliseum. Flynn hasn’t actually started in awhile and he only played a few snaps last year for the Seahawks.

Even when Flynn was with the Green Bay Packers he only started only a handful of games barely in injury situations and Flynn isn’t that much more experienced than Pryor at this point and beyond that Flynn has not been all that impressive even in the pre season and there is a reason why Pryor came out for the starting job because Pryor was playing a lot better.

Frankly you watch his play this season you wouldn’t know that Pryor wasn’t going to be a great quarterback but he could be a solid above average quarterback in this league and Pryor has shown flashes of goodness. Flynn has to prove us wrong he has to prove that he’s a better than average quarterback and that he’s better than just a back up. That will be his job this week to show that he could do a go job and convince people that he’s a player worth having on your team.

To be honest he doesn’t look like he’s going to be anything special, the one thing that he has going for him is that he happens to be playing against one of the worse defenses in the league in Washington. They have been absolutely awful this season. They’re giving up a ton of points and a ton of yards. So in that respect Flynn had a slightly easier job that he would have had otherwise because this Washington defense is terrible.

This gives him an advantage here compare to the other teams that he had to play, how long Pryor is going to be out is anybody’s guess and this is a concussion and there’s not a particularly good way to tell how long a concussion will last or the effects of a concussion. This is something that’s going to be continually evaluated and Pryor will be ready when he’s ready and not before than.

The NFL is taking a very strict stance on concussion evaluations they’re very conservative about it with all these lawsuits that have been going on about concussions. So you could bet that their not going to rush him back before he’s ready. We’ll see if Pryor is back before the San Diego game. Hopefully Flynn plays well enough against Washington this Sunday that he’ll feel a little more confident going into that San Diego game if he happens to be the quarterback for that game as well.

With concussions it’s pretty much a wait and see approach you have to evaluate them every week according to certain protocol that the league has set up. We won’t know how long Pryor will be out and it’s hard to project the impact of these injuries. It can be short or they can be long and they want to make sure the players don’t come back before they’re ready. We’ll have to wait and see on that one, hopefully Flynn does well this weekend.

David Zizmor covers the NFL for Sportstalk Radio

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