Gov Brown signs bill to get Kings arena expedited

SACRAMENTO–California Governor (D) Jerry Brown has signed SB 743 a bill that is designed to expedite construction of a new Kings basketball arena at the downtown mall. On the last night of the California legislation session on September 12th a law that was elected by bipartisan support that streamlines any court process that would make it difficult for judges to stop any construction on a new arena project.

It will strengthen the city’s ability to use power of eminent domain, environmental lawsuits, and the eminent domain would be used to buy the current Macy’s men’s store to make room for the facility which sits at edge part of the mall near the Holiday Inn. “It’s another huge step forward in revitalizing the center of region” said the bill’s author President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg D-Sacramento.

Brown is helping Steinberg write key provisions of the law and was a guest of honor at a Sacramento dinner when introducing the Kings newest investment partner Shaquille O’Neal where the former Orlando Magic star was tweeted lifting Brown’s wife Anne Gust Brown over his head which was seen widely over the internet, construction is estimated at $448 million.

There is a petition out now that is trying to stop the Kings from using public funds to subsidize building a new arena. If on the ballot the voters would have to approve using public funds in building any new sports facilities in Sacramento. Already the pro arena backers are planning to get behind the no votes to stop the subsidy initiative.

Ken Gimblin is covering the Sacramento Kings with Tony Renteria and Charlie O.

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