Raiders cut Kluwe and Wilson, pick up McClain and Sanford

by David Zizmor

ALAMEDA–The Raiders held the press releases of who was getting cut from the team after the pre season concluded on Saturday and the team made sure that the players didn’t use twitter to tweet who got cut from the team. The Raiders were the last team to release the list of cuts in the NFL. The biggest name that got cut was Andre Carter the man originally drafted by the 49ers about ten years ago he’s made his way around the league.
It’s a bit surprising that Carter was cut because the Raiders defense is so inexperienced that Carter was one of the few players on that team that had some pass rushing success. So seeing Carter go was a bit surprising because they really don’t have any other pass rushers and that’s an area where their going to be very deficient.
If you want to take a look at some strange things you could look at the Raiders roster and where they were they started Sunday with two punters and four quarterbacks that was very unusual but Sundayafternoon the Raiders cut quarterack Tyler Wilson and punter Chrs Kluwe. The three Raiders quarterbacks that remain are Matt Flynn, Terrelle Pryor, and Matt McGloin and punter Marquette King.  Most teams keep only three quarterbacks and one punter, the Raiders decided they couldn’t make a decision on either of those decisions Saturday but decided Sunday they had to make a move with Kluwe and Wilson leaving the Raiders to pick up guard Antonie McClain from the Baltimore Ravens and and defensive tackle Brian Sanford from the Cleveland Browns . With the quarterbacks it makes sense for the simple fact of the matter they have three guys and they needed help in other areas and that’s why they made room for McClain and Sanford.
The Raiders traded for quarterback Matt Flynn, Terrelle Pryor had been pretty decent in the pre season they wouldn’t cut him. They drafted Tyler Wilson in the fourth round and they cut him he didn’t play all that well in the pre season and frankly he didn’t play all that well in the fourth game. Then there was Matt McGloin an undrafted free agent out of Penn State he looked pretty good in the pre season and expected that he would make the team when they signed him in the first place.
McGloin played so well in the pre season the Raiders were left no choice and the final choice came down to McGloin and Wilson and while Wilson didn’t prove himself the Raiders felt that they couldn’t waste him and they didn’t want to admit wasting a fourth round pick so soon so the Raiders had to keep him one way or the other that all changed when the Raiders had the need for McClain and Sanford in the guard and tackle positions.
As for the punting situation the Raiders made a point of releasing Kluwe he’s a good punter but not a great punter, this after letting Shane Lechler the Raiders long time punter go in the off season the bottom line in these cuts is nobody knew what the Raiders were doing. There had been some word that the Raiders would try to trade one of their punters it’s not like there’s a ton of punter trades that happens in the NFL but the Raiders have kept King as their punter and cut Kluwe.
So the Raiders will have settled on going with King, their going with one punter instead of two, they like King and feel he could help the team most with long kicks and what they’ve seen of him in pre season.
If you look at the remaining cuts that the Raiders made there’s no names that really stand out, on the Raiders roster there’s a lot of guys you never heard of it was going to be the case one way or the other. Again it’s going to be a long season the Raiders are going to have to find guys they think that can produce and that’s what they believe and that’s what they’ve done.
David Zizmor covers the NFL for Sportstalk Radio

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