Vancouver offers fine dining at Bridges Restaurant

photo (3)August 9, 2013

VANCOUVER, BC — For a first time traveler to Canada, Vancouver was a great place to dip my feet in and get a feel for the place. Just a mere two hours (unless you get stopped at the border… *grumble*) from Seattle, Vancouver had so much to offer. Upon first glance, it seemed it had the same two seasons you see in Illinois; Winter and Construction. Once you get through the traffic and avoid all the tourists, Vancouver became a beautiful and extraordinary place.

From the “stadium city”, where the Whitecaps, BC Lions, and Canucks play, the Science Centre where I learned far too much about sexuality, and Convention Centre where a Pokemon Championship was being held, there wasn’t a day I spent in Vancouver I wasn’t in awe. The hospitality provided was just as I hoped for, and our hosts at Bridges Restaurant were no exception!

Located on Duranleau Street in Vancouver, Bridges Restaurant welcomed the four of us with open arms and warm hearts. When I think “Bridges”, the first thing that comes to mind is Mrs. Doubtfire and Robin Williams, but now I have a whole new memory to recall. Our waitress, Nicole, was exceptional. She laughed with and at us, cracked jokes, and even participated in our radio show, to which we are very grateful! The owner, Damien, stopped by and told us his story on air and even threw in a few jabs about the Canucks and Sharks!

The food was, simply put, amazing. The entrees we had around the table all came out perfectly. Fresh Oysters, Caeser Salad with grilled prawns, Caprese Pizza, and the fish and chips, all brought smiles to our faces and filled our stomachs. But wait, there’s more! We couldn’t leave without getting dessert! I had hoped to get a small slice of chocolate cake, but that just wasn’t in the cards… Do you remember in the movie Matilda where that kid had to eat the entire chocolate cake in front of everyone? I swear, the cake was that big, but WOW was it good. It came with raspberry sauce and a blob of ice cream, and sadly, extra spoons for the vultures around the table. If you are ever in Vancouver, look up Bridges. Head to Duranleau street and check out the scene… you won’t be disappointed.

One of the great opportunities Sports Radio Service provides me is the chance to meet new people and go new places. Bridges Restaurant, Nicole and Damien, and Vancouver, British Columbia will forever be one of the first things that come to my mind when I think of this trip. Not the fact the SJ Earthquakes lost, not the traffic or rain, but the friendship we created with people who extended the hospitality to us and joined in on something we care about deeply. That’s one of the special things sports can offer you; the chance to go somewhere you’ve never been and bond and relate with people you’ve never met.

So thank you Nicole, thank you Damien, and thank you Bridges Restaurant. Like our former Governor once said, We’ll be back.

Visit Bridges Restaurant

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